Frequently Asked Questions

Can cider be frozen?

Yes, for up to a year. Be sure and remove 1-2 cups from each gallon before freezing.

How long can cider be stored in the refrigerator?

Cider may be kept in the refrigerator after purchase for two weeks.

What are the ingredients in Tanners cider?

Our cider is just the natural juice from a selected blend of Tanners special apples. A preservative is added to our cider to prevent fermentation. There is no sugar added to Tanners cider.

How long will squash keep?

Keep squash in a dry cool place and they will keep for about a month to six weeks

Questions about school tours?

School tours are scheduled Monday through Friday during September and October. Cost is $5.00 per person for students and adults. Tours will last approximately 1 hour and include a ride on a wagon through the orchard, a visit to the animal barn, a tour of the packing shed and time to be on the playground. Also, each person will receive two apples or one gourd (based on availability), a cider sample, a cider donut and a coloring book. Each classroom teacher will receive an educational packet to take back to the classroom. A picnic area is available for groups bringing their own lunch.

What apple do you recommend for pies?

Golden Delicious or Jonagold for a sweeter pie. Jonathan for a tart pie.

What apple holds its shape in a pie?

All varieties except McIntosh. We do not recommend Red Delicious for cooking.

What apple is good for applesauce?

Jonagold, Cortland and Early Gold.  Jonathan, for pink tart sauce; Golden Delicious or McIntosh for sweeter sauce; a combination of Golden Delicious and Jonagold for a smooth, thick applesauce.

What is a good soft apple?


Where is Tanner’s Orchard?

Tanners Orchard is approximately 20 miles north of Peoria on Route 40 at the south junction of Route 17 and 40.  Our orchard is also 30 miles south of I-80 Exit #45 on State Route 40 and 30 miles west of I-39 exit #35 on State Route 17.

What is a good tart apple?

Cortland, Jonathan, Braeburn, Gold Rush

What are Festival Days?

Festival Days include every Saturday and Sunday in September and October as well as Labor Day and Columbus Day weekend (October 6-9).

What forms of payment are accepted at Tanners?

Cash, personal check, Mastercard, Visa and Discover