Fundraising Donuts

Fundraising Donuts

Fundraising Donuts

Spice Up Your Next Fundraiser with Farm-Fresh Apple Cider Donuts!

Bored with chocolate? Not seeing the same bump in fundraising you’re used to? It may be time to change up the way you do fundraising for your organization. And what better way to reinvigorate fundraising efforts than with fresh apple cider donuts from Tanners Orchard? That’s right! Let Tanners Orchard assist your next fundraising campaign with our home-made apple cider donuts!

How it Works

Tanners Orchard is offering local organizations the unique opportunity to use our apple cider donuts in replacement of your other fundraising efforts. We are selling packages of a dozen donuts to your organization at a reduced rate. In turn, you can sell our donuts as part of your fundraiser at full price, making the difference as profit. Talk about a sweet deal!

  • We can provide your organization with donuts at a discounted rate
  • For the best results, we recommend selling each dozen for $14-$17
  • Pre-Sales only, meaning you must have your donut order submitted before pick-up
  • Depending on the number of donuts sold, we can provide multiple pick-up dates

Get Started

Interested in spicing up your next fundraiser with delicious apple cider donuts? Let us help get you started! Contact Tanners Orchard at to discuss our special prices and work out the details of your fundraiser.

  • All pick-up dates for your donuts must be scheduled with Tanners
  • Pick-up dates can start early November
  • Please give us one week notice of your scheduled pick-up date with the amount sold
  • Payment for donuts is due on the pick-up date

Thank you for allowing Tanners Orchard to support your next fundraiser, and we look forward to supplying your supporters with our famous apple cider donuts!