Giving Back/Charity Events

Giving Back/Charity Events

Finding ways to give back to the community is something that’s always been important to the Tanner’s Team. Therefore we’ve made a point to partner with many different charities, including The A.R.K., The Freedom House and several food pantries throughout the area. From campaigns to donation drives, we’ve worked hard to raise money and bring awareness to each cause. The following is a list of some events we hold annually to show our support.

Suicide Awareness

More information to come.

The Purple Pumpkin Project

Giving Back/Charity Events

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is a cause the Tanner’s Team is very passionate about, and one that we know many of our fans are too. To help raise awareness, we paint hundreds of our pumpkins purple and sell them for a minimum of $7. Customers can donate more if they feel compelled, as all proceeds go to the Freedom House—a domestic abuse treatment center located in Princeton, IL.

Donuts for Dad

One of the newest charity events we’ve hosted is our Donuts for Dad event. This event occurs every June right in time for Father’s Day, giving you a chance to get a gift for dad, all while supporting a great cause. As the name implies, the main thing we sell on this day is donuts, and for every batch that is sold, a portion of the sales goes to the Freedom House and local food banks. During this event, several other items are available for sale, including: cider, fritters and a few of our gourmet foods. All products sold for this event are purchased through our online store and delivered through our curbside pickup service.

Cans For Care

Giving Back/Charity Events

Our Cans for Care Campaign is a donation drive that happens every November. This event encourages customers to bring in an item for our local food pantries in exchange for a special discount on a non-food, regular-priced item on our Farm Market. Traditionally, we’ve kicked this event off with our Christmas Open House—a fan-favorite affair that consists of drawings for free food, visits from Santa and more!

Dog Adoption Day

Do you love dogs? Well, then you’ll love our Dog Adoption Day—a day when we invite our local animal shelter, The A.R.K. out to show off all the dogs they have up for adoption. Whether you’re in search of a furry friend or simply want to take a look at all the playful pups, this is one event you won’t want to miss!

Contact Us

To learn more about any of the above events or inquire about any charities we partner with, call us today at (309) 228-9162 or come visit us out at the farm. We are located at 740 State Route 40, Speer, IL 61479, and operate from August through November.