Corn Maze Davenport IA

Corn Maze Davenport IA

Woman posing in a corn maze in Davenport IA

Rise to the Challenge & Complete Our Corn Maze Near Davenport IA

Do you enjoy a good challenge? Have we got one for you! Our corn maze near Davenport IA consists of an elaborate assortment of twists and turns meant to puzzle your minds for hours on end. Come out to see if you can crack it today!

Everything You Need to Know About Our Corn Maze

If you’ve stumbled across this page, then chances are you already know quite a bit about corn mazes. But did you know that we make our corn maze using advanced technology? Or that they takes approximately two months to grow? Well, now you do! Here are three more things to love about our corn maze near Davenport IA:

  • The Design Changes Each Year – No one likes navigating the same maze again and again. It gets too easy, and let’s be honest, boring. Thus, we refresh our fields each year, often modeling them around a specific theme or subject. The result is a design that is not only visually appealing but also exciting to navigate. Challenge your friends to a race through the field or try to complete it independently, using a stopwatch. When you’re finished, compare times to see who got the best score.
  • Corn Mazes Can Count as Team-Building – Not only does our corn maze make an excellent activity for friends and family, but it also serves as an unforgettable team-building experience to enjoy with co-workers. By pairing off in partners or small groups, you can work together to find your way through the maze, leaning on each other’s skills in the process. After each team has completed the challenge, the company can regroup and go over what they’ve learned, and everyone will get to go home with a handful of new memories to cherish forever.
Tips of corn stalks from a corn maze in Davenport IA
  • Our Corn Maze Stays Up for Two Months – That’s right. From the first Saturday in September through October 31st, our corn maze is open 10 AM to 5 PM. Tickets are available at our red U-Pick building near our apple orchards. After 5 PM, you can find them at our Farm Market.

Get Lost

Put your mind to the test at our corn maze near Davenport IA today. Our farm is located at 740 State Route 40, Speer, IL 61479. For more detailed directions, check out our Hours Page or give us a call at (309) 493-5442.