Pumpkin Patch Davenport IA

Pumpkin Patch Davenport IA

Shot of pumpkins in a pumpkin patch in Davenport IA

Find Exactly What You’re Looking for at Our Pumpkin Patch for Davenport IA

Pumpkins—orange ones, white ones, green ones—no matter the color, people gravitate toward this strange fruit every fall. And it’s no wonder, because pumpkins have so many great uses! You can add them to anything from pies to cookies to brownies. And because baking isn’t the only thing they are good for, they also make great decorations for the front porch! But baking and decorating is only half the fun that can be had with pumpkins. Picking your own makes both activities more memorable, and at our pumpkin patch near Davenport IA, there are even more memories to make. Stop by today to see what we’re all about!

About Our U-Pick

Sometimes when you visit a pumpkin patch, especially in the late fall, it has already been so picked over that only a few options are left. Luckily, our pumpkin patch near Davenport IA is 20 acres large and full of thousands of pumpkins to pick! Among this vast array, you will find six different varieties, all in various shapes and sizes. So whether you are looking for a pumpkin to carve or one to bake into a big pie, you’re sure to find just the thing among our amazing selection! And once you’re done there, don’t forget to stop by our apple orchards and farm market. These are two of our most popular attractions, both of which always guarantee a great time!

Mother and daughter carving a pumpkin after picking one from a pumpkin patch in Davenport IA

Pick Yours Today

Get your spooky season on with a trip to our pumpkin patch near Davenport IA! Our U-Pick is open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day from the first Saturday in September to the last day of October. Admission ends at 4:15 PM, so make sure to factor that into your schedule when planning your trip. For additional information about our attractions or hours, call us at (309) 493-5442. Or stop by to talk to us in person at 740 State Route 40, Speer, IL 61479.