Sunflower Festival Quad Cities

Sunflower Festival Quad Cities

Woman Enjoying a Sunflower Festival in Illinois

The Sunflower Festival Quad Cities Residents Rave About

Bring some sunshine to your day with the sunflower festival Quad Cities residents can’t stop talking about! Also known as “The Sunflower Experience,” this event is still relatively new to Tanners. The first one occurred in the summer of 2020, and it was such a huge success that we’ve decided to do it again.

What to Expect Out of Our Sunflower Experience

This year, our sunflower festival for the Quad Cities will operate much like the last. It will start with a big breakfast out in our sunflowers. Then, as the morning progresses, our fields will open up for individuals to walk through them. During this time, visitors can take pictures and pick flowers. We permit one sunflower per person, but if you would like more, you can purchase them for an additional cost.

Sunflower Field at Sunset During a Sunflower Festival for the Quad Cities

See Our Sunflowers at Night & Hang Out in the Back 40 Fun Acres

Our sunflowers are just as beautiful at night as they are during the day. Luckily, we have an event that lets you enjoy their beauty against the backdrop of a setting sun. This event is called Sunflowers, S’mores and More, and it is a weenie roast that occurs around our public and private firepits. During this time, we have a s’more and cash bar open for those that are interested. Once all stomachs are satisfied, you’ll be free to explore our Back 40 Fun Acres. While there, make sure to check out the following fun attractions:

  • Wooden Airplane
  • Spider Web
  • Retired Horse Swings
  • Old Fashioned Fire Engine
  • Tug-O-War
  • Wooden Ship
  • Wooden Train
  • Tether Balls
  • Shorty School Bus
  • And More!

Stay Up-to-Date on All Events and Activities

Do you want to receive real-time updates on all the things happening at Tanners Orchard? Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram. For specific questions regarding our sunflower festival for the Quad Cities, call (309)-493-5442. We are located on 740 State Route 40, Speer IL 616479, and we operate from August to September.