Sunflower Festival Bettendorf IA

Sunflower Festival Bettendorf IA

Girl Posing Beside a Sunflower Festival near Bettendorf IA

Join Us for a Fun-Filled Day at Our Sunflower Festival near Bettendorf IA

Every year, from the middle of the summer through early fall, sunflowers fill the world with their beauty and brilliance. They pop up in local farms and fields. And due to their height and size, they can often be seen from several miles away. It is especially entertaining to watch these big, yellow flowers roll by when riding a bike or car. But why look at them from the road when you can explore them up close in person at our sunflower festival near Bettendorf IA?

What is a Sunflower Festival?

Sunflower Festival” is a term many orchards have adopted in recent years. It’s primarily used to describe a day when fields are open for others to explore. However, at Tanners Orchard, we have expanded the definition to include several other activities. One of these is our Sunflower Breakfast. Just like it sounds, this part of the event involves eating a hot meal out in our fields. The breakfast also includes early-bird access to the sunflowers, which individuals can then take pictures with.

Three Tips for Picking the Perfect Flower

In addition to breakfast and photos, everyone that participates in our sunflower festival for Bettendorf IA will be allowed to take home one flower. If you have never harvested one before, there are some things you need to know. Consider the following three tips for picking the perfect flower:

Flowers from a Sunflower Festival near Bettendorf IA
  • Find a Flower – When you are standing in the middle of a large sunflower field, it can be hard to know which one to pick. Luckily, there is an easy way to tell when a flower is ready to be harvested for display. Look at the center of the plant. If the petals are just starting to pop open, then that means it’s ready. Picking them at this stage will ensure a long vase life and more time for you to enjoy its beauty.
  • Use Pruning Shears – If you’ve ever seen a sunflower in person, then you already know how thick their stems are. For this reason, you’ll want to have a pair of pruning shears handy.
  • Cut at an Angle – When picking your sunflower, don’t cut straight across the stem. Instead, angle your shears about 45 degrees. This tiny action increases the surface area of the stem and ultimately allows the plant to absorb more water.

That’s all you need to know to harvest your first flower. And if in the process of picking your first one, you find that you want more, ask us about our additional picking prices! We have options available for both bundles and buckets—the choice is yours to make.

Find Out More

Want to learn more about our sunflower festival in Bettendorf IA? Contact us today at (309)-493-5442. To see our farm and sunflowers in person, visit us at 740 State Route 40, Speer IL 616479. We are open from August to September, but our opening and closing times vary depending on the month, so make sure to check out our Hours and Pricing page in advance.