Sunflower Festival Davenport IA

Sunflower Festival Davenport IA

Close Up of a Flower from a Sunflower Festival near Davenport IA

Explore and Take Photos at Our Sunflower Festival for Davenport IA

Are you looking for a sunflower field to explore this summer? Then head on out to Tanners Orchard! Every year, we host a sunflower festival Davenport IA fans love. This one-day event is all about celebrating the beauty and brilliance of the bright, yellow flower. And it all takes place in our backyard! Whether you only come out for a couple of hours or decide to spend the entire day on our farm, you’ll find plenty of fun activities to enjoy!

Three Things to Bring to Our Sunflower Experience

In order to have the best experience at our sunflower festival, you need to be prepared. Bring these three things with you, and you’re sure to have a great time!

  • Your Appetite – When you join us out on the farm the morning of our The Sunflower Experience, you’ll want to come on an empty stomach. The reason for this is that we’ll provide you with a delicious meal to eat while you watch our sunflowers.
  • Your Camera – The second thing you’ll want to bring to our sunflower festival is your camera. After our breakfast, we open up our fields for those that want to explore them. This is the perfect time to take a new profile picture or get a photo for the family Christmas Card. And if you happen to snap one you really love, make sure to post it online and tag the Tanner’s Orchard Account.
  • Someone to Enjoy It With – While eating breakfast and taking pictures with sunflowers are fun activities to do independently, they are even more enjoyable when shared with friends and family. Bring your mom, dad, sister or brother out for a day they won’t forget!
Girl Taking Pictures at a Sunflower Festival near Davenport IA

Sunflowers, S’mores and More!

If our sunflower festival for Davenport IA sounds fun, then you’ll love “Sunflower, S’mores and More!” As the title suggests, this adult-only event involves cooking S’mores out in our sunflower fields. But the night is dedicated to much more than that. Individuals can roast hot dogs around our public and private fire pits, all while enjoying some delicious drinks from our cash bar. Then, once everyone’s had their fill, they can make their way over to our Back 40 Fun Acres, where our equipment will be open to explore.

Contact Us

To learn more about our sunflower festival for Davenport IA or our Sunflower, S’mores and More event, call (309)-493-5442. And when you’re ready to take a trip out to the farm, make sure to visit our Farm Market, bakery and orchards. Our facility is located on 740 State Route 40, Speer IL 616479 and we operate from August to September.