Kids Activities Bloomington IL

Kids Activities Bloomington IL

A little boy enjoying apple picking and other Kids Activities near Bloomington IL

Family Fun and Kids Activities for Bloomington IL

Instead of staying home this upcoming weekend, why not plan a fun day trip with your family? A departure from city living for a short time is just what your children need to recharge from the week. And what better way to spend the day than partaking in the multitude of kids activities for Bloomington IL at Tanners Orchard?

Tanners Orchard is the go-to apple farm of the Central Illinois area. We offer plenty to do for children and adults of all ages. Since 1947, we’ve developed a place outside of the hectic nature of the city, where you can come and spend a day relaxing and picking apples. Moreover, we are a scenic destination when autumn rolls around, turning the apple trees from green to a beautiful orange.

Plenty to Do at Tanners!

The moment you step into Tanners Orchard, you’ll be whisked away by the fun and amazing activities we have to offer. From apple picking to a petting zoo, your kids are sure to love their time on the farm and will be begging you to come back next weekend!

  • Picking Fruit
    • The star of Tanners Orchard is the apple and pumpkin picking. Take your children through our U-Pick section of the orchard and help them find the biggest and juiciest apples to bring home (or eat right there). Once fall hits, you can come back to pick out the perfect pumpkin to place on your porch.
  • Pet the Animals
    • What farm would be complete without farm animals? And at Tanners Orchard, you can see the animals up close and personal! Of the animals we show every year, your children can interact with our goats, llamas, chickens and rabbits. Your kids will have a blast, and our animals will too!
  • Back 40 Fun Acres
    • When it’s time to blow off some steam, have your kids run around our Back 40 Fun Acres. There’s lots of equipment to jump on, climb over and slide down. Additionally, when our Festival Days come around in September and October, you can expect other fun activities like pony rides, face painting and more.
A young girl looking at a goat in a petting zoo and enjoying other Kids Activities near Bloomington IL

Something for Everybody

Aside from the kids activities for Bloomington IL we offer, you can discover more fun pastimes and events for an older crowd of visitors. Tanners Orchard gives tours of our orchard daily if you want to take a ride in our covered wagon and listen to the history of our farm and family. Also, you can visit our Farm Market for plenty of gifts and treats, stop by our bakery to sample our baked goods, and grab a bite to eat at the Old Market Eatery. And when you’re finished, try to escape our ever-winding corn maze.

Learn More

To find out what other kids activities for Bloomington IL we have planned for our season, give Tanners Orchard a call today. You can contact us at (309) 493-5442. Also, we are located at 740 State Route 40, Speer, IL 61479.