Kids Activities Quad Cities

Kids Activities Quad Cities

Kids sharing their freshly picked apples and enjoying other kids activities near the Quad Cities

The Most Fun Kids Activities for the Quad Cities

Keeping your children entertained can be hard enough, let alone finding something to do on the weekend. However, if searching for kids activities in the Quad Cities, there’s always one option you can turn to for wholesome fun. Why not spend the day with your kids, running, playing and picking apples at the local hot-spot, Tanners Orchard?

For years, Tanners Orchard has been entertaining kids with fun and exciting activities to do during the last months of the year. There’s nothing more exciting than counting down the days till your next visit to our apple picking farm. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, for a day of fun your children are sure to love.

A Day of Play

The amount we have to offer for your children is sure to keep them busy all day long. And not only will your kids have fun, but you’ll be having fun right alongside them too! Tanners Orchard offers a unique family experience, unlike anywhere else in Illinois.

  • Pick Some Apples
    • A popular activity for both young children and adults is our U-Pick portion of our apple orchard. Fill a basket with apples you pick out yourself! There’s nothing more satisfying than eating an apple and knowing you picked out the most delicious one of the bunch!
  • Visit Our Petting Zoo
    • Bring your children by our petting zoo to see (and pet) some of our farm animals. Get close and personal with a variety of animals, including goats, rabbits, llamas, sheep and chickens. And on Festival Days, we offer pony rides for your kids.
  • Explore Our Farm
    • Looking to blow off some steam? Let your kids run, jump and play in our Back 40 Fun Acres! There’s plenty of equipment and activities for your children to spend their day on. Enjoy our rat racers, pedal tractor corral, putt-putt golf, John Deere Combine Slides and more.
Young girl hugging goats in a petting zoo and enjoying other Kids Activities near the Quad Cities

Settle in for the Weekend

Tanners Orchard doesn’t stop at offering kids activities for the Quad Cities. There’s plenty of fun for folks of all ages! Try taking a tour of our farm on one of our trailer rides. Or, get lost in our themed corn maze. Afterward, you can shop our farm market for all variety of sweet treats and novelty items. And when you’re tired from running around all day, sit down and enjoy a farm-fresh meal at the Old Market Eatery.

Discover the Excitement of Tanners

Whether you’re looking for kids activities near the Quad Cities, or want a fun and relaxing weekend away from the city, Tanners Orchard is the place to be. You can contact us at (309) 493-5442. Also, we are located at 740 State Route 40, Speer, IL 61479.