Apple Orchard Bloomington IL

Apple Orchard Bloomington IL

A A child holding a basket of apples in an Apple Orchard for Bloomington IL

Spend Your Day at an Apple Orchard for Bloomington IL

City living and entertainment is fine and fun, but driving the country for the fresh air and sights is a great change of pace for anyone. Especially, considering you can make a day of rural life at the go-to apple orchard for Bloomington IL locals. Swing by Tanners Orchard to get a taste of farm life (and apple treats too).

Tanners Orchard, outside of Speer, Illinois, is the popular choice of apple orchards for Central Illinois residents. Our farm offers tours through our orchard, with “U-Pick” apples and pumpkins. Since 1947, Tanners has been providing our unique brand of entertainment. You’re sure to find hours of fun and family time when you visit Tanners.

Why Visit Your Local Orchard?

More than the apple picking alone, there are multiple reasons to pay patronage to a local orchard, such as Tanners. For example, you’re supporting your local farmers, taking in the sights and going home with more than apples in your bag.

  • Support Local Farmers
    • Just as small businesses need your support throughout the year, so too do local farms. Suffice to say, not many farms offer entertainment and fun activities such that Tanners does. By visiting our orchard, you ensure you and many more families can enjoy our land for years to come.
  • Apples and More
  • Enjoy the View
    • Above all, Illinois orchards in the fall offer some stunning views. When the leaves change from green to orange, our rows of trees turn into an autumn beauty. The allure of Tanners, together with warm apple cider in the crisp fall weather, is sure to please anyone.
A ladder leading up to the top branches of an apple tree in an Apple Orchard for Bloomington IL

Make a Tanners Day Trip

When visiting our apple orchard for Bloomington IL, there’s plenty to see and do after you’re done picking apples. We offer a litany of activities for kids and adults alike. And when coming during our Festival Days in September and October, we offer even more! Some of our activities include:

Visit Us Today

Ready to get away from the busy city life, and make a day trip to your local apple orchard for Bloomington IL? Give Tanners Orchard a visit today! You can contact us at (309) 493-5442. Also, we are located at 740 State Route 40, Speer, IL 61479.